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LINX is Ten Years Old
Yazan: turk-internet.com Haber Merkezi      26 Kasım 2004, Cuma      Sayfayı Yazdır         Tavsiye Et Paylaş
A switch used when the London Internet Exchange (LINX) was founded just ten years ago, in 1994, is to become an exhibit at the Science Museum in South Kensington, London.

To celebrate both the tenth anniversary of the founding of LINX and the unveiling of the new exhibit, LINX is staging a reception for executives from its member companies and other senior industry figures – including representatives of regulators and industry organisations.

Matt Peacock, Director of Communications at communications regulator OFCOM, will be the guest speaker. The event takes place in the Digitopolis Gallery at the Science Museum, starting at 18:30 on Monday 29 November 2004.

About LINX

LINX was founded by just five Internet Service Providers (ISPs) - PIPEX, BT Internet Services, Demon Internet, EUnet GB and UKERNA/JANET - and began operating in November 1994 with a total absence of contracts, lawyers and paperwork.

It is now the largest Internet exchange in the world with around 150 member companies, including all the UK's major Internet service providers (ISPs) and many from continental Europe, America and Asia. At its eight London sites LINX connects the networks of its members, allowing them to exchange Internet traffic. More than 90 per cent of the UK's Internet traffic passes through LINX facilities.

LINX's first two switches have been donated to the Science Museum's Computing and Information Technology section. One is a Catalyst 1200, originally given to LINX by PIPEX, which has eight 10-megabit ports and was once connected on a ring with another Catalyst 1200 and a Cisco 1100. The second is a Catalyst 5000, which was installed in the summer of 1996 and was the first 100-megabit capable switch deployed at any Internet Exchange in the world. Ten years later LINX is now handling 65 *gigabits* per second at peak times.
Yazan: turk-internet.com Haber Merkezi      26 Kasım 2004, Cuma      Sayfayı Yazdır         Tavsiye Et Paylaş
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